Proposed House Bill 2583 to provide longer Maternity Leave Benefits

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Quezon City Representative Winston Castelo filed House Bill 2583 that seeks to extend the number of days of maternity leave to 84 days for normal delivery and 100 days those who will undergo caesarian operations. Currently, Philippine law provides maternity leave with 60 days or equivalent of two months for normal delivery and 78 days for caesarian cases. Rep. Castelo is pushing for the revision of the existing law on maternity leave benefits. The lawmaker from the 2nd District of Quezon City explained, that adopting his proposal will make our maternity leave benefits at par with international standards.

Congressman Castelo further explained, that International Labor Organization’s Convention No. 103 is encouraging its member countries to come up with maternity benefits that will be help a woman and her child sustain a healthy maintenance together with a sustainable standard of living.

House Bill 2583 also provides all female employees, covered by either the Social Security System (SSS) or the Government Security Insurance System (GSIS), to receive 150 percent of her present basic salary, allowances and other benefits or its cash equivalent to 84 calendar days.

Only the first four deliveries can be considered for the new maternity benefits. The employer will provide in advance the maternity benefits in two equal installments within one month from the filing of the application for maternity leave.

The proposed bill directs the SSS and GSIS to immediately reimburse the 100-percent maternity benefits which the employer provided in advance to their employees.

To further defend his proposed bill, Rep. Castelo cited Section 14 of Article XIII of the Constitution, that requires employers to provide safe and healthful working conditions to their female employees.

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