Project Titan: Facebook E-Mail to be launched on Monday, November 15?

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Facebook E-mail or Project Titan as Tech Crunch called it back in February this year is set to be launched on Monday, November 15.

According to a post at Tech Crunch on Friday, a very reliable source told them that Facebook will be launching its e-mail service which was said to be competing hardly with Google’s G-mail.

The launching of Facebook E-mail was said to be announced on Monday, November 15 during its press limited-invited special event in San Francisco, California, which will start at about 10 a.m.

Tech Crunch, which will be among the few tech sites that will have a full coverage of the event, said that no information was released as what to be discuss on Monday.

However, they said they believe Facebook is building a webmail client that will be in its early stages which will be announced on Monday.

And since Facebook has the most popular photos product in the world, and has the most popular events product, Tech Crunch said it is very likely that it will have a very popular local deals product.

In addition, Facebook can easily convert its email service into a more sociable manner since they have a database of all the ‘Friends’ of each Facebook user and how close they are to each other.

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