Prison Minister Marty Angelo Challenges Harold Camping with $10,000 for His End of the World Prediction on May 21

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Minister Marty Angelo
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The head of Marty Angelo Ministries Inc., Prison Minister Marty Angelo challenges Harold Camping with $10,000 for Camping’s May 21, end of the world prediction. This came as believers and non-believers await May 21st to determine the veracity of Camping’s doomsday and Rapture prediction. Marty Angelo’s website ( has issued this challenge, May 20, 2011.

Minister Angelo has been a previous TV producer, rock & roll band manager and drug user who have discovered God during his incarceration in a federal prison. Since then, he started his ministry inside the prison and continued to do so after he had served his time.

Presently, Minister Marty Angelo proclaims the gospel to prisoners, recovering substance of abuse persons and celebrities who are in need of help.

Angelo’s $10,000 bet comes as the prison minister expressed his exasperation with Judgment Day prophets who keep scaring people with their false proclamations.  In a radio interview, Angelo said about his $10,000 challenge to Harold Camping:

“What does he have to lose?’

adding that if Camping’s words are true about the end of the world on Saturday, May 21, then he wins. But if Camping is proven wrong, then he has to pay up. Angelo claims that doomsday prophets should

“be held accountable for scaring people half to death.”

Doomsday prophet Harold Camping has still to respond to the $10,000 bet of Minister Angelo regarding his end of the world, May 21 prediction.

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