Prince von Anhalt: Zsa Zsa Gabor hospitalized, lower right leg to be amputated

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Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor was hospitalized on Sunday, and her lower right leg is scheduled to be amputated, as confirmed by her husband Prince von Anhalt and her rep John Blanchette to international news sites.

Gabor, now 93, the legendary socialite-actress and famous to have been married nine times, was reported to have been brought to UCLA Medical Center on Sunday and will undergo a partial right leg amputation.

Apparently, doctors said that the leg amputation might be the best way to save to Gabor’s life, which was infected, related to her complain about swollen legs last November 2010 where doctors discovered a ‘massive blood clot’.

News also revealed that the Hungarian veteran actress was supposed to be brought to the hospital before the holiday season, but she refused and said she wanted to spend the holidays at home which she usually does.

In 2002, the 1952 ‘Moulin Rouge’ star had a car accident while riding with her hairdresser on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Last month, Gabor‘s current husband and apparently in her longest marriage, Prince von Anhalt, was also rushed to an eye clinic after he accidentally used glue for his right eye instead of eye drops.

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