Prince Harry of Wales to Start Training with Apache’s Crimson Eagle in U.S. Air Bases (Video)

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Prince Harry on Horseback

Prince Harry of Wales will start training with the Apache’s Crimson Eagle in U.S. Air Bases, this fall. This is according to international news sites, August 26, 2011.

The specific date of his arrival and place is not revealed, however due to security reasons. The prince being a captain in the British Army Air Corps has been selected previously to undergo this special training.

Prince Harry, 26, son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, will be addressed as Captain Harry Wales and would undergo the same training as his American counterparts. He started his military career in May 2005 as Officer Cadet Wales and went on to become lieutenant, and finally captain. This video was taken a few months earlier when Prince Harry went into Apache gunships.

Prince Harry’s selection
Video credit: BritishForcesNews/YouTube

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