Presidential Polls: Mitt Romney extends Gallup Poll lead over US President Barack Obama

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Presidential Polls by Gallup

Presidential Polls result
Image Credit: Gallup

Presidential polls conducted by Gallup daily tracking poll showed that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has extended his lead over US President Barack Obama.

With less than three weeks before the 2012 US Presidential elections, Romney now leads Obama, 52 percent to 45 percent.

Gallup poll reportedly provides a glimpse of the current national voting sentiment of Americans. The recent presidential poll results does not yet include results based on the second presidential debate.

Obama, however, was able to maintain his lead over Romney in Nevada, Wisconsin and Ohio based on the results of other presidential polls. These areas are considered as swing states on Election Day.

Other reports say that as of writing, US President Obama “still holds a clear advantage” generally, with about 66 percent chance of winning the 2012 US Presidential election in November.

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