Presidential Polls: Latest Gallup Poll October 25, 2012 Results Shows Obama Gains

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Gallup Presidential Polls 2012

Latest Presidential Polls 2012
Image Credit: Gallup

Presidential polls conducted by Gallup showed that US President Barack Obama has narrowed down the lead of Republican candidate Mitt Romney. The Gallup daily presidential polls results covers the period from October 21 to 23, 2012.

As of posting, the Gallup poll indicates that Romney with 50 percent still leads Obama who garnered 47 percent. Obama gained a point while Romney lost one percentage point on likely voters during Election Day.

The latest Gallup poll update came three days after the final US Presidential debate last Monday, October 22.

Many political analysts reportedly favored Obama during the last debate with his aggressiveness against Romney.

Before the third presidential debate, Romney was leading Obama with five percentage points.

Gallup however has not explained whether the latest result is an indication of Obama winning his Monday’s debate with Romney.

The Obama campaign earlier questioned the credibility of the Gallup poll since the incumbent US President has been leading over Romney in all other presidential polls.

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