Presidential Polls 2012: Latest Pew polls result shows Obama with 3% lead

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Pew Presidential Polls 2012

Pew Presidential Polls 2012
Image Credit: Pew Research Center

The latest presidential polls 2012 result conducted by the Pew Research Center from October 31 to November 3, 2012 revealed that US President Barack Obama went ahead of Republican candidate Mitt Romney, 48%-45%, among likely voters. The 2012 US Presidential elections will be on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

The final Pew poll estimate, over a four weekend survey, is that likely voters will favor US President Obama over Romney, 50%-47%. The Pew election weekend survey covered the period of September 12-16, October 4-7, October 24-28 and October 31-November 3.

Just a week ago, Pew presidential poll showed that the candidates were tied at 47 percent.

Reports say that results provided by the Pew polls were consistently close with other national surveys.

Pew reported that Obama took the lead with support coming from likely voters consists of women, elders and moderates.

About 13% more women are likely to vote for the incumbent president over the Republican nominee.

Political analysts believed that Obama’s handling of Hurricane Sandy crisis may have contributed to regaining the lead over Romney, just in time before Election Day.

According to Pew, their October 31 to November 3 weekend survey, with a sampling error of 2.2 percent, had 2,709 live telephone interviews with likely voters via landline and cell-phone.

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