President Obama writes excuse letter for 5th grader who missed school after watching his speech (Photo)

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US President Barack Obama wrote an excuse letter for a 5th grader, as shown in the photo after the young boy missed his school on Friday, June 1, 2012, when he watched the president speak right before his eyes.

President Obama’s excuse letter for
5th grader Tyler Sullivan

Image Credit: Tyler Sullivan via

According to last Friday, Tyler Sullivan, 11, was absent from school that day because he was with his father to listen to President Obama in an event in Golden Valley, Minnesota, where he sat in front and shook hands with the president after his speech.

Later, Mr. Obama learned that Tyler missed his school and later decided to get a note pad with a presidential seal, asked the name of his teacher and wrote a simple excuse letter for him to present it to him on Monday.

Mr. Ackerman — Please excuse Tyler… he was with me! Barack ObamaPresident Obama wrote on the pad and affixed his signature and gave it to young student, who was notably surprised but excited.

Back in June 2009, President Obama wrote a similar excuse letter to a 4th grader named Kennedy Corpus after she missed her school. That time, she was with her father to attend an event in the town hall in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where the US president made his speech.

Apparently, Kennedy‘s father was among those who were given the chance to ask Mr. Obama and told him his daughter was absent from school to be with him that day. While Mr. Corpus is stating this question, the president walked off the stage and gave the excuse letter to the girl.

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