President Obama’s car bumps on a ramp during Ireland trip, gets stuck (Video)

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US President Barack Obama’s car bumped on a ramp on Monday and got stuck during his trip to Ireland, as shown in the video below.

Obama’s car bumped on a ramp,
being checked by a mechanic

Image Credit: Justin Farrelly

As noted at British news sites on Tuesday, May 24, President Obama and his motorcade were leaving the US Embassy in Dublin when the armored Cadillac dubbed as “The Beast” bumped on a ramp and stopped.

Across the street, a huge crowd cheered as cars began to exit from the compound but cheered louder after they heard a loud “clang” when the “Beast” is about to pass the ramp.

Some voices from the crowd can be heard booing over the incident while there were those who volunteered to push Obama’s car. Mechanics immediately rushed in to check the vehicle.

Apparently, a huge van parked in front of the scene, which took some minutes to cover President Obama and wife Michelle as they transfer to another car.

Later, another car left with the US First Couple on board and left the area as the crowd waved and cheered aloud, while others still laugh and mock the incident.

The “Beast” or also called “Cadillac One“, which was noted to be worth over $1 million, 18ft long and weighs 8 tons, was left behind as onlookers took photos and videos.

President Obama visited Moneygall, a small village in Ireland where reports say his “great-great-great grandfather once lived and worked as a shoemaker”.

Nevertheless, President Obama is also set to visit Britain, France and Poland as part of his Europe trip.

President Obama’s car gets stuck in a bump in Ireland (Part 1)
Video Credit: Peps4711/YouTube

President Obama’s car gets stuck in a bump in Ireland (Part 2)
Video Credit: Peps4711/YouTube

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