President Ninoy Aquino III’s Convoy Blocked by SUC Students

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President Ninoy Aquino III and his convoy were blocked from entering the premises of the University of the Philippines, Technohub in Commonwealth Avenue, by State Universities and Colleges (SUC) students; the president has to pass through another route. The SUC students were protesting the president’s budget cut on SUC. This is according to local news sites, December 2, 2010.

The SUC are tertiary schools which offer discounted fees to deserving students who have the intellect and the desire to study but have no financial means to do so. The SUC have been the foundation of thousands of brilliant Filipinos who have graduated from the portals of these prestigious universities and had become successful politicians and professionals. SUC graduates are admired and emulated because they represent the desire of the Filipinos to get an excellent education in spite of poverty.

Education has always been a significant part of Filipino families. As parents put it, “It is the only inheritance they could leave their children that can never be taken away from them.” Education represents the freedom from bondage, tyranny and dictatorship.

The protests and complaints of students and some sectors are mirrored in the nationwide rally of SUC students, from Mindanao State University, to Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology, to the SUC in Baguio City, in the Cordilleras.
There is a feeling of despondency as SUC students and some educators realize how this development mirrors the Aquino administration’s priorities.

Amidst this explosive development, the government clarified that there was no budget cut but only a removal of proposals that were not fulfilled during Arroyo’s administration. President Aquino on the other hand, said that his government will have to develop the grassroots, the primary and secondary levels of education before the SUC. Primary and secondary schools are indeed insufficient that an increase in their budgets would strengthen the foundations of education in the country.

Based on feedbacks and reactions however, President Aquino’s education policies are now in the hot seat under strong scrutiny and observation.

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