President Lee appoints Lee Hee-Won as the new South Korea Defense Minister

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President Lee now appoints Lee Hee-Won as the new South Korea Defense Minister, according to international news sites on Friday.

Lee Hee-Won replaces Kim Tae-Young, who earlier resigned as the country’s defense minister after being criticized for ‘weak response’ to the surprised artillery attack of North Korea to Yeonpyeong Island on Tuesday.

Mr Lee, 61, the new defense minister, is a former presidential security aide for President Lee and a retired four-star general, and became the deputy chief of the US-South Korea Joint Forces Command in 2005.

After retiring as a military man in 2006, he was appointed as the presidential security adviser in May when the South Korean warship, Cheonan sunk.

Meanwhile, North Korea announced that a ‘second or more powerful attacks may be released’ if South Korea will provoke them again, particularly its upcoming military exercises with the US next week.

Before the attack, the USS George Washington led the US aircraft carrier group was on its way to participate in the said military exercises, which is part of the previous agreement between South Korea and the US.

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