Premier League football games postponed due to heavy snow

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Premier League football games which include Chelsea vs Manchester on Sunday were postponed due to heavy snow, as announced by Chelsea on their official website on Saturday.

As published at, a decision to postpone the football match between Liverpool and Fulham was finalized and ratified by the Premier League, and was due to the severe winter condition.

Below is the statement from the official website of Liverpool Football Club.

“The safety of all fans attending the game is paramount and although the Anfield pitch is playable, the conditions around the stadium and further afield for people traveling to the match are such that the decision was taken, following Police advice on safety grounds, to postpone the game.

“All existing tickets will remain valid for the re-arranged fixture. We will also offer refunds and publish a deadline date for refunds once the re-arranged game date is announced, to enable us to re-sell any returned seats to other supporters.”

Liverpool is also advising fans and supporters who have bought tickets to keep them since they will still be valid once the new play date will be available, which will be announced later.

Meanwhile, other games were also postponed due to the same reason, which includes Wigan vs Aston Villa, Birmingham vs Newcastle, Arsenal vs Stoke, as well as Blackpool vs Tottenham which has an original schedule on Sunday.

On the other hand, Chelsea FC also announced on their official website on Saturday that their meeting with Manchester United is postponed following the heavy snowfall in London.

The Chelsea vs Manchester football game, which is supposed to be held at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, was postponed after a consultation with the authorities has been made.

Below is the statement from

Should customers require a refund they can send the tickets back to the box office with credit card details and will be canceled. Customers are advised to send tickets back by Royal Mail special delivery in order for the tickets to arrive safely.

Any tickets that do not arrive cannot be refunded. No make-dates have been announced for any of the postponed matches.

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