PowerPoint Ban: Swiss Political Party Wanted To Ban The Use Of Presentation Software

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A Swiss political party, calling themselves as the Anti-PowerPoint Party (APPP), wanted to ban the use of Microsoft PowerPoint and all kinds of presentation software in their country, international news sites reported on Wednesday, July 6, 2011.

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According to its official website, abolishing Powerpoint is not their main goal. Their goal is to abolish the “PowerPoint-Constraint.” According to them, the problem is that in some countries, students are given lower mark if they give a presentation without PowerPoint. Furthermore, superiors are obliging their co-workers to use PowerPoint.

APPP said on its website that the average PowerPoint presentation creates boredom. They also claim that the alternative flip-chart has a triple effect in 95% of the cases.

The party is founded by Matthias Poehm, who has also written a book titled “The PowerPoint Fallacy.Poehm reportedly admitted that his party is a platform to sell his book, but he also insisted that “it doesn’t end there.”

“This issue will be raised in the awareness of the all people who still don’t know that there is an alternative to PowerPoint and with this alternative you, probably, achieve three to five times more effect and excitement with the audience than with the PowerPoint,” Poehm was quoted as saying by the Huffington Post. “We want … that pupils in schools are not punished by a mark reduction if they don’t use PowerPoint.”

According to CNET, only 100,000 signatures are needed for the party to call a national referendum to ban PowerPoint or other presentation software in Switzerland.

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