Potatoes help Wi-Fi reliability testing on airplanes be faster, Boeing says (Video)

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Boeing engineers recently used potatoes to help Wi-Fi testing on their airplanes, and the tests have been successful. These tests were conducted to provide more reliable wireless connectivity to passengers who use their electronic devices while on board a Boeing plane. A Boeing video below further explains.

Potatoes Wi-Fi testing Boeing

Sacks of potatoes inside a Boeing plane, during
its Wi-Fi reliability testing

Image Credit: Boeing video

According to a press release by Boeing on their official press site on Wednesday, December 19, 2012, members of the Boeing Test & Evaluation laboratories team initially used a de-commissioned airplane on ground to test their newly established method to measure the quality of the radio signals.

As noted by Boeing, their team of engineers said that potatoes help their Wi-Fi testing by using them as stand-ins for passengers, saying that potatoes have the same physical interactions with the properties of electronic signals. Around 20,000 pounds of potato sacks were used for the series of experiments.

Afterwards, Boeing engineers used humans as stand-ins passengers and compared the result to the testings made using potatoes. When the new method was established, results show that testing time was reduced from two weeks to only 10 hours, when using potatoes as stand-ins for passengers.

“Every day we work to ensure that Boeing passengers are traveling on the safest and most advanced airplanes in the world. This is a perfect example of how our innovations in safety can make the entire flying experience better.” Dennis O’Donoghue, VP of Boeing Test & Evaluation, was quoted on their report.

Nevertheless, Boeing emphasized that Wi-Fi testing using potatoes was proven providing a reliable result and that the aim of their newly developed technology is to identify the areas with strong and weak signals and to balance them by adjusting the connectivity system accordingly.

In addition, the American airplane company noted that they always make sure that their Wi-Fi signal passes the safety standards and does not interfere with the signals brought about by the electronic and electrical system of their planes, but will rather improve its reliability and increase the safety level during the flight.

Boeing, explaining the Wi-Fi reliability testing using potatoes
Video Credit: Boeing

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