Pope’s retirement package includes monthly pension, new home, health care, but tweets deleted

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Pope’s retirement package will reportedly to include a monthly pension, a new home, and health care services to be paid by the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict XVI, who had his last day in his post on Thursday, February 28, 2013, has “pledged obedience” and respect to as whoever will be the next pope.

Pope Benedict XVI farewell

Pope Benedict XVI, making his farewell speech
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But before the Pope‘s final day has arrived, reports have been circulating online on what he will do and what will he have once he retires. Since this is the first time in almost 600 years that a pope has resigned, it is natural for people to be interested in his retirement package and what role he will portray next.

As noted at BBC News last Tuesday, Benedict XVI, born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, 85, will now be known as Pope emeritus or Roman pontiff emeritus, and will be referred by his papal title of Benedict XVI, and not his birth name. He will still be addressed as “Your Holiness.”

However, he will not anymore be making official duties, and will not participate in the conclave to elect the new pope. His earlier tweets via @Pontifex were transferred to the Vatican‘s website, and his official Twitter account name is now “Sede Vacante,” which means the papal position is vacant.

Nevertheless, Archbishop Georg Ganswein, Benedict XVI‘s personal secretary, will remain on his post, and at the time, will also serve the next pope. His papal gold ring, which was used as a papal seal, will be destroyed, which is a normal activity when a pope dies, or at the end of papacy.

For the pope’s retirement package, Telegraph and Italian news site La Stampa reported that Benedict XVI will receive a monthly pension of 2,500 euro (or around $3,300). According to a report at Today.com, this is almost equal to the maximum monthly pension of what an American citizen will get from the Social Security if he retires this year, which is $3,350.

For the pope’s new home, Benedict XVI will be staying at Mater Ecclesiae (Mother of the Church); a 4,300-square-foot monastery in Vatican founded by Pope John Paul in 1992. Renovation started last November, and it contains a chapel, a choir room, a library, a semi-basement, a terrace, and a visiting room that was added in 1993.

BBC News reported that Benedict XVI will continuously receive the generous private healthcare service, based on Vatican‘s policy. It was not mention as who will specifically take care of his health, but it is likely that it will be the same doctors who currently manage his medical treatment.

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