Pope Francis stumbles: Video of Vatican incident went viral

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Pope Francis I

Pope Francis I
Credit: Vatican.va

Pope Francis I slightly stumbles as he walked down the stairs after being introduced in front of a group of applauding Cardinals on Friday, March 15, 2013.

The 266th pontiff luckily avoided falling down the carpeted floor as he was able to quickly regain his balance.

A YouTube video showed that part of Pope Francis I‘ shoes got entangled with his long robe while stepping down the foot rest in front of his chair.

The Argentinian and first Latin American Pope was elected to replace resigned Pope Benedict XVI last Wednesday, March 13.

After getting the nod during the conclave of Cardinals, Pope Francis has been the center of criticisms for his failure to stop the Dirty War in his home country of Argentina.

On Friday, the Vatican formally defended him on the issue.

The new Pope has also gained popularity this week because of his humble approach in his papal duties.

Reports say that Pope Francis I paid his own hotel bill and picked up his own luggage during his stay at a Vatican hotel.

Below is the video showing the slight stumble of Pope Francis I.

Pope Francis I stumbles at the Vatican
Credit: Thedailymailus1/YouTube

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