Polymer $100 Bill Goes Into Circulation In Canada

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Polymer $100 Bill

Polymer $100 Bill
Image Credit: Bank of Canada

A new $100 bill made of plastic was released in Canada on Monday, November 14, 2011, international news sites reported that day.

The new $100 bill is made of polymer, the same plastic used by 32 other countries, and was said to be full of new high-tech security features. Reports said that Canada is the first to include a metallic hologram which is difficult to fake.

According to reports, the new bill will last more than two and a half times longer than the cotton-paper notes and can be shredded for recycling into other polymer products.

Below is video released by Bank of Canada on Youtube demonstrating the security features of the new polymer $100 bill.

Polymer $100 Bill Security Features
Credit: Youtube / Bank of Canada

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