Poisoned Bread Eaten By 25 Workers in Germany

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Poisoned breads was reportedly send as a gift to a plastics company in Lower Saxony, Germany on Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

Reports say that several signed “Thank you” notes were found inside the box of the poisoned bread.

As a precautionary measure, about 25 workers of Müller-Technik were taken to the hospital after eating the bread rolls.

While eating the bread, one of the workers noticed the presence of an unusual substance.

The company’s emergency services send samples of the bread at a Berlin laboratory. Overnight tests confirmed the presence of rat poison.

No worker showed any symptoms of poisoning. According to police spokesman Frank Soika, they “don’t believe the amount of poison used would have been deadly, but it could have caused serious illness.”

Employees leaving gifts and snacks for other workers is a regular practice within the company. This was however the first time that a poisoned food was distributed.

As of posting, the identity of the sender is still unknown.

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