PlantLab of Den Bosch, Netherlands Promotes Sunless Farming (Video)

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Netherlands Sunless Farming at PlantLab
Sunless Farming
Credit: AP Photo/Peter Dejong

PlantLab, a private research company based in Den Bosch, Netherlands, is growing vegetables, herbs and house plants in enclosed and regulated environments where even sunlight is excluded, several news sites reported on Tuesday.

International news sites call it sunless farming, farming where the sun never shines, rainfall is not important and climate is right all the time.

Gertjan Meeuws and three other Dutch bioengineers started PlantLab. According to reports, strawberries, basil, banana plants and yellow peppers are some of the plants they grow in their research station. Lights are provided by light-emitting diodes (LEDs), water is provided when needed and all excess is recycled, and the temperature is kept constant. Furthermore, lights go on and off at regular intervals simulating day and night, but following the rhythm of the plant instead of the usual 24-hour cycle.

The four researchers have reportedly been tinkering with the right combinations of light, temperature and soil on different kinds of plants for more than a decade. They now claim that their growth rate is three times faster than those under greenhouse conditions. They do not use pesticides, and only use about 90 percent less water.

The Dutch researchers are planning to build a commercial-sized building of 1,300 square meters in the Netherlands by the end of this year. In the future, they see vegetables growing just beside supermarkets, shopping malls and other food retailers.

Below is the video of PlantLab Production Unit uploaded in Youtube:

PlantLab Production Unit
Credit: PlantLab / Youtube

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