Planet Saturn meets Porrima – the double Star

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According to reports dated June 6, 2011, Saturn will have a close encounter with Porrima, also known as Gamma Virginis, which is said to be one of the best-known binary stars in the sky. It seems to be happening this month, which will create a good show in the night sky.

Saturn having a close encounter with Porrima
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It was reported that Saturn and Porrima were almost equal in brightness and located just 39 light-years away from the sun.

Moreover, reports said that Saturn begins the month 18 arc minutes southeast of Porrima, slightly more than half-moon’s apparent diameter. It is at its closest to Porrima by June 9, just a hair over 15 arc minutes away, almost exactly a half-moon diameter away.

Lastly, it was said that by June 30, Saturn’s distance to Porrima will increase to 30 arc minutes, a full moon diameter away. Showing a very pretty sight, both Saturn and Porrima will share the same field of view in a low-power telescope eyepiece (less than 100x) at any point of this month.

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