Planes Collide On Tarmac: Air India hits Jet Blue Airbus at JFK airport (Video)

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Two planes collide on the tarmac of John F. Kennedy Airport in New York on Saturday morning, March 9, 2013. An Air India Flight 102‘s left wingtip reportedly hit the rudder of a Jet Blue Flight 145 Airbus A320 near the terminal 4 at about 6:15 a.m.

Airbus A320
Airbus A320

The Airbus A320 was said to be scheduled for a flight to the West Palm Beach in Florida when the incident occurred.

The plane collision forced about 150 passengers to be “deplaned and boarded a new aircraft bound for West Palm Beach,” according to a Jet Blue spokesman. No one was reported injured related to the incident.

Passengers say that they felt the bumping noise and vibration but was never aware of the collision.

Airport authorities describe the plane collision as “a minor situation. There were no injuries and, not too long after that, passengers that were on the plane went on a new flight and were taken out.” Officials say that the incident was already out of the airport’s air traffic control.

As of posting, the FAA is conducting an investigation on the plane collision.

Below is a news report by ABC 7.

Jet Blue and Air India plane collision on the JFK tarmac.
Credit: ABC 7 on YouTube

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