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“Pista ng Santo Nino,” Feast of the Infant Jesus, Celebrated in Cebu City, Philippines

By on Jan 16, 2011 in Events, Lifestyle, Opinion Comments

Cebu City, Philippines – The “Pista ng Santo Nino” (Feast of the Infant Jesus) was celebrated with a mass, a fluvial parade, a parade around the city and a display of firecrackers on the third Sunday of January.

Christianity was first introduced to the Philippines in Cebu City by the Spaniards during the 18th century. Haring Humabon and his constituents started practicing religious rituals from then on. This included the “Pista ng Santo Nino” or also called Sinulog Festival.

The “Laksayaw,” which stands for lakbay (travel) and sayaw (dance,) is a parade which consists of dances performed by different groups in honor of the” Sto. Nino.”

During the feast in Cebu City, women, children and various congregations joined in dancing as they paraded around the vicinity. Some of them held on to the image of the infant Jesus as they swayed with whatever music tempo they have selected.

The festival was vibrant with a kaleidoscope of colors. The celebrants came in their best costumes and the festive air electrified the atmosphere as children, young people and even the elderly danced to their own music.

The devotees believed that participating in the “Sto. Nino” celebration will bring them blessings, miracles, good health and great fortune.

A fluvial parade was also participated in by almost 200 water vessels which were warmly greeted by the cheering crowd as the fluvial parade toured the coastal villages. A mass was then celebrated at the Pilgrim Center of the “Basilica de Santo Nino.”

This video of Sinulog 2010 was uploaded by RemsProduction at YouTube.

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