Pink stops concert, comforts crying little girl from the audience (Video)

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Pink stops her concert for moment on Sunday, March 17, 2013 to comfort a crying litte girl in the audience, as shown in the video below. Pink, who was on her The Truth About Love Tour, was singing an acoustic version of her hit “Who Knew” when she stopped singing after hearing the upset toddler from the audience.

Pink stops concert comforts crying girl

Pink stops concert, offers treats to crying girl
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As noted at NBC News this Tuesday, Pink was performing at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Sunday night when the unexpected happened. The 33-year old American singer, who is also a mother to Willow, 21 months, with husband Carey Hart, interrupted her performance and comforted the crying girl.

“Is everything OK right here? Is this little girl all right? What’s going on? Why is she crying? Why is she upset? Because there was a fight? You all are fighting around a little girl?” Pink asked the crowd, pointing to the area where she heard the crying voice of the little girl. Some people booed over the interruption.

“C’mon…all right, all right, I know, everyone’s about to fight. I know, I’m from here.” Pink joked, with the crowd clapping their hands and screamed. Pink, or Alecia Beth Moore in real life, later used her mother instinct to please the child, even stood up from her chair and offered presents to stop her from crying.

“Honey, do you want this frog? Will this frog and this Rice Krispie treat make you feel better? You’re beautiful, don’t cry. Cry when you’re older. Thank you for coming.” Pink said to the little girl, who was lifted up and shyly accepted the singer’s gifts. Her kind gesture received a warm applause from the audience.

“Are we okay now? Cut it out, y’all. We’re grown-a*s women.” The Grammy Awards winner told the crowd before she went back to singing. Pink will have six more stops in the US, including New York City, before heading to Europe, Australia, and North America for the continuation of her The Truth About Love Tour.

Pink stops singing at concert, comforts crying little girl in the audience
Video Credit: DPPGirl/YouTube

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