Pink Planet In Sky: Mercury Can Be Seen As Pink Planet After Sunset

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Do you want to see a pink planet in sky? Good news for star gazers, or should I say planet gazers, as NASA scientists confirmed that Mercury can be seen as a pink planet in sky about 30 minutes after sunset.

According to NASA, Mercury can be seen as a pink planet starting February 8 and should remain visible until February 21. It could be seen as a pink dot just near the horizon on the west minutes after sunset, as long as the sky is clear, as shown in the image below.

Mercury "Pink Planet" location
Location of “Pink Planet” On February 11
Credit: NASA / JPL

Mercury is not actually a pink planet, but the sunlight hitting it gives it the pink illusion. According to NASA, the pink planet will be visible for as much as an hour after sunset from February 11 to 21.

People with telescopes can also see the planet Mars, which is located just below Mercury, NASA said.

Have you seen the pink planet in the sky already? You still have plenty of time to check it out. Just look at the west sky after sunset.

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