Pickup Trucks For Sale With Big Discounts From GM, Ford

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pickup trucks
Pickup Trucks
Credit: GMC

Pickup trucks of General Motors (GM) and Ford are reportedly piling up inside their warehouses due to limited sales.

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The two major manufacturer of pickup trucks are pressured to free-up their growing inventory and are now offering very lucrative discounts.

During the first month of the year, there is already a four-month excess supply of pickup trucks. Reports say that the ideal maintaining inventory should be two months.

Thousands of dollars are reportedly shed off from the price tab of pickup trucks to attract more buyers.

Presidents Day Sale of pickup trucks at GM was extended until February 28, 2014.

Ford is reportedly giving away the best deals on their 2014 F-series of pickup trucks. The company has given a cut of almost $9,000.

As of posting, Ford still leads the race pickup trucks sales, according to reports.

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