Photographer narrowly misses croc attack in Costa Rica, almost eaten by crocodile (Video)

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A photographer was almost eaten by a crocodile in Costa Rica, as it narrowly misses the croc attack, as shown in the video below. On Monday, March 18, 2013, Antonio Ruiz, along with his friends including David Clow, who shot the thrilling moment, went nearer to a group of crocodiles to take photos of them.

Antonio Ruiz photographer narrowly misses crocodile

Photographer Antonio Ruiz, sitting in the river bank,
and crocodile hiding in the grass

Image Credit: David Clow/YouTube

“Under the Crocodile Bridge.” David Clow wrote in the description of the YouTube video, where Antonio Ruiz can be seen sitting on the edge of a river bank in Rio Tarcoles, and taking photos of the crocodiles. His friends, who were positioned behind him on a slightly higher ground, throw food into the river.

Moments later, one of the crocodiles can be seen somehow hiding in the grass, just a couple of inches away from Ruiz, who keeps on taking photos. His friends saw the reptile and screamed at him to warn him, but the shirtless photographer turned his head to them and told them to keep quiet.

Apparently, this is when the crocodile made a scary move and jumped off the water and surprised Ruiz, who quickly run away and was lucky enough to avoid himself to be bitten by the disturbed reptile. However, the crocodile managed to get very near to the photographer, which caused his friends to panic and run, too.

Nevertheless, most YouTube commentators posted negative comments against Antonio Ruiz, whose bio description at noted that his photography work “has sent him to countries like Iceland, Norway, Denmark, and Mexico,” and that “his talent and achievements have been recognized in different places.”

However, David Clow defended his friend photographer, saying that Antonio may be a little crazy, but he is not stupid, contrary to the claims of commentators on YouTube video. Clow noted that not everyone can afford a huge lens, which triggered Ruiz to take the risk and went closer to the crocodiles.

“He (Antonio Ruiz) is a hard dude. I wanted to be down there. Like he says in the video, everyone made it worse yelling. He knows how to behave around them. Try not to be too mean, people. Everyone has a heart, and the most fragile ones, the ones on the edge, are easily broken.” David Clow wrote on YouTube.

Photographer narrowly escapes crocodile attack in Costa Rica
Video Credit: David Clow/YouTube

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