Philippines A won against Thailand in 2010 World Cup Of Pool Opening Game

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Efren Reyes and Django BustamanteIn a race to 8 game, Philippines A team (Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante), won their first match against Thailand with a score of 8-3 in 2010 World Cup Of Pool.

Here’s what Francisco “Django” Bustamante has to say about the game:

“It was very difficult as they had us 2-0 in a race to eight. We thought it was alternate break but it was winners’ break and we didn’t know that.”

“My partner played great and without Efren we wouldn’t have won the match.”

“My break wasn’t good and this was a surprise as Efren always wants me to break every time but I never made a ball on the break.”

“We always try whoever we play but everyone here is a good player. I’ve played the Indonesian players in tournaments but never in doubles. If my partner plays like that again then we will win.”

Here are the results for the 2010 World Cup of Pool opening games:

Session One
Indonesia 8-7 India
Canada 4-8 Russia

Session Two
Italy 8-6 Korea
China 8-2 Belgium

Session Three
Philippines A 8-3 Thailand
Germany 8-4 Hong Kong

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