Pet chicken saves couple from burning house in Wisconsin

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A pet chicken saves couple while their house was on fire in Wisconsin on Thursday, December 27, 2012, apparently reminding us to always be kind to animals. After all, they can be our unlikely hero. The hero chicken named Cluck Cluck has proven that not only dogs are the so-called man’s best friend.

Cluck Cluck pet chicken that saves couple

Dennis Murawska, with Cluck Cluck, the pet
chicken that saves couple from fire

Image Credit: video

According to a report at, Dennis Murawska, who lives in East Moore Road near Alma Center, and a neighbor of the couple, told them that the incident happened at around 6:15 a.m. that day. Firefighters said that people inside the house did not know about the fire because the smoke detector did not work.

“I’ve heard animals waking people up but not a chicken,” Murawska, 59, told the report, adding that he found Cluck Cluck one day in their backyard being chased by dogs. The chicken, which had an amputated foot, could not produce eggs and was about to be killed, but the couple decided to keep her on their basement.

“She said she heard the commotion of the chicken and all that stuff,” Murawska added, referring to his neighbor’s wife, noting that the cat also started to make noise when the fire is spreading. The couple got up when they heard Cluck Cluck clucking aloud and saw the fire, and immediately left the house for safety.

Meanwhile, Alma Center Fire Chief Jeff Gaede told the news that the fire was too huge that it can be clearly seen while they were halfway to make the rescue. Although there was nothing left on the two storey house and everything inside totally turned to ashes, the couple was safe, along with the hero chicken and the cat.

“I guess at first I was really amazed, we’ve never run into a chicken before. You always run into a dog or cat or something.” Gaede was quoted as saying, adding that he is also surprised how the couple escaped from the fire. He said the fire started in the attic area of the garage, but the cause of fire is still under investigation.

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