Perseid Meteor Shower’s Peak is August 12 & 13, NASA Will Provide Webchat and Video for Skywatchers

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Perseid Meteor Shower
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According to National Aeronautics Space Administration or NASA, August 10, 2011, the Perseid meteor shower will peak on the night of Friday, August 12, up to Saturday, August 13 during the early morning.

NASA has also revealed that it will put up a chat page and a live video/audio feed to allow skywatchers a view from NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama.

The live Web chat will allow skywatchers and meteor enthusiasts to ask questions about the Perseids from a team of astronomers, like Bill Cooke.

NASA further disclosed that the Perseid meteor shower is considered one of the best meteor shows during the month of August. Although the Perseids can be seen all over the sky, the moon may however, obscure the meteors from view in some places. In the northern hemisphere though, it will be clearly visible.

The Perseid stream has started to be seen last July 17 and will last up to August 24, with its peak on August 12 and 13, 2011.

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