Pepsi-chicken chips: Pepsi, Chicken-Flavored Lay’s a Hit in China (Video)

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Pepsi-chicken chips

Pepsi-chicken chips
Image Credit: Pepsico

Pepsi-chicken chips was launched in China by Pepsico in August and has since become very popular in this country, according to an Oddity Central report on Thursday, December 13, 2012.

The new Pepsico product is a combination of Pepsi Cola and chicken-flavored Frito Lay’s potato chip.

Richard Lee, PepsiCo’s chief marketing officer in China, explained that they “thought it would be really cool to have a cola combined with chicken. It’s a very popular dish in China. Also it would be very cool to involve one of our most-iconic soft drinks.”

Reports say that in 2010, Lee became the first individual to handle Pepsico‘s operations of the company’s food and beverage brands in China.

Pepsico‘s latest food-fusion is one of the company’s several weird and wacky snack flavors created over the years.

Some of the other chip flavors by Pepsico include lemon tea, watermelon, cucumber and hot-and-sour fish soup.

Several mixed reviews on the Pepsi-chicken chips were reportedly published at the Chinese microblogging site, Weibo.

Below is a Chinese video of PepsiCo‘s ad for the Pepsi-Cola chicken-flavored Lay’s potato chips.

Pepsi-chicken chips Ads
Video Credit: YiRU0921 on YouTube

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