Penguins in First Class Flight of Delta Airlines (Video)

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Image Credit: National Geographic

Two penguins were in a first class flight of Delta Airlines to New York on Wednesday, March 7, 2011, according to reports by several international news sites.

Reports say that the penguins, foot-and-a-half tall each, were among the over 300 passengers on board Delta Flight 486 from Atlanta to New York. The two penguins, Pete and Penny, were 6 and 12 years old respectively.

When the seat belt sign was turned off, the penguins reportedly walk along the aisle of the airplane from first class. Passengers were allowed to take pictures, but were restrained from touching the penguins.

The penguins were reportedly heading for the premier of Discovery Channel‘s documentary series, “Frozen Planet.” The screening of the documentary was held at the Lincoln Center.

Having penguins on commercial flights are reportedly not new and it has become a frequent scene.

Below is a YouTube video of the penguins in first class flight of Delta Airlines.

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