Paypal Patches Flaw In Their iPhone Application

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A patch for a flaw in Paypal’s iPhone application that could let hackers access user accounts has been deployed by Paypal immediately, as reported by several technology news sites. Hackers can use the flaw to trick Paypal users to divulge their account information.

A “man-in-the-middle” attack can be used by hackers to exploit the flaw in Paypal’s iPhone application. In the said attack, people accessing their Paypal accounts using an unsecured Wi-Fi connection could be fooled to think that they are browsing the legitimate Paypal site when actually, they aren’t. The flaw only exists on Paypal’s iPhone application and does not affect the Android application nor the company’s website.

“We don’t believe any customers have been affected at all, and if there were any affected they would be 100 percent covered by PayPal,” Paypal spokesman Anuj Nayar was quoted saying.

iPhone users using the Paypal application must download the update immediately from the iPhone app store to secure their phones.

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