Paul McCartney Brought Back Memories of the 1970’s Songs at Saturday Night Live

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Paul McCartney brought back memories of the 1970’s songs at Saturday Night Live. McCartney, one of the members of the famous “The Beatles’ band was a guest at Saturday Night Live, December 11, 2010 according to international reports.

McCartney, who recently received and a Lifetime Achievement Award, sang several songs which have catapulted the rock band into the limelight several years ago.  Although, he did not mention the death anniversary of John Lennon, who died on December 8, 1980; it was some sort of tribute to John Lennon.  He sang “A Day in the Life” and “Give Peace a Chance,” songs which have been previously performed with John Lennon.

It was also a good venue of promoting “The Beatles’ iTunes which are now available to fans for digital downloading.

Here is a YouTube video before the actual show.

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