Paul Mason 644 pounds weight loss: “World’s fattest man” loses two-thirds of his maximum weight

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Paul Mason loses 644 pounds. The previously dubbed as “world’s fattest man” by British media now lost two-thirds of his astonishing weight that reportedly went up to 980 pounds, a decade ago. Mason, 52, of Ipswich, England, had a gastric bypass surgery in 2010, and is now finally changing his life for the better.

Paul Mason former worlds fattest man

Paul Mason, the former ‘world’s fattest man’
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According to The New York Times on Tuesday, February 5, 2013, Paul Mason, who stands 6’4″ and is a former postal worker, currently weighs 336 pounds, which is still obese. But the good news is that he is not anymore trapped inside his home, unlike in 2002 when he was too fat and cannot even leave his room.

As noted in the report, Mr. Mason became controversial that year when local fire department officials were forced to knock down a wall of his house just to get him out from his room. He was then then lifted using a fork lift, and was brought to a hospital to undergo hernia operation. The incident was humiliating for him.

“My meals are a lot different now than they used to be. Food is a necessity, but now I don’t let it control my life anymore,” Paul Mason was quoted in a recent interview in his one-story apartment, as he now sits on an electric wheelchair. However, his excess skin makes it harder for him to exercise.

“You didn’t sleep a normal sleep. You’d be awake most of the night eating and snacking. You totally forgot about everything else. You lose all your dignity, all your self-respect. It all goes, and all you focus on is getting your next fix.” Mason added, recalling the years of his life when he was super overweight.

Nevertheless, Mason noted that he now has plenty of plans for this life, including launching a jewelry business, learning how to drive, going on a vacation, and finding a girlfriend. Although all of them may not happen soon since he still needs to lose more weight, he stressed out that he is not losing hope.

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