Paul Hogan of Crocodile Dundee, Demands an Apology and Plans to Sue Government for Millions of Dollars

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Paul Hogan, the Golden Globe award winning actor of “Crocodile” Dundee, demands an apology and plans to sue the federal government for millions of dollars.

According to International news reports, January 6, 2010, Hogan wants his earnings compensated during the 5 year span of investigation into his alleged tax evasion done by Operation Wickenby.

Hogan stated in an interview that he was “bullied,” branded as Mr. Tax Evasion and humiliated publicly as a criminal.”  He had lost millions of dollars in earnings because people were afraid to do business with him lest they would be investigated as well.

Advertising offers and entertainment stints ceased to exist during the 5 year investigation. Hogan said he was “black-marked.” Hogan’s case was dropped by the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) because according to them, “it was not justified in the public interest.”

Paul Hogan though, wants his tarnished image fully restored with an apology and a multi-million dollar settlement.

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