Paris Jackson movie: Michael Jackson’s daughter to star in her first film (Video)

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Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson‘s only daughter is being set to star in her first movie, the animated film “Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys“, as shown in the promo video below.

Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys
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As noted at People on Friday, December 9, 2011, Paris Jackson, the eldest among the Jackson children, will start filming her first movie in January 2012, the first in a series of five Lundon O’Malley movies.

“She wants to be an actress. She is a sweet, smart girl. She wants to take on her dad’s legacy and do something good for the world and our product does that.” Movie producer Stephen Sobisky told the report.

“Our goal is to make sure she has a fun time doing something that keeps her busy. We’re a family-driven group. For me, Paris is going to be like one of my children and I’m going to protect just like I do my other three kids. We want her to enjoy this experience.” Sobisky added.

Jackson, 13, will play the role of Lundon O’Malley, a real life young girl who was taken by force in their place by the evil Jellyfish Queen of the Ocean but changes into an evil fairy godmother.

The “Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys” movie is based on the fantasy novels by Dennis H. Christen, which according to its official website, half of the profit from the book and film will be given to schools.

“I Wanna Leave My Footprints On The Sands Of Time. When I Leave This World I’ll Leave No Regrets. I’ll Leave Something For Them Not to Forget” Paris Jackson (@ParisJackson) tweeted last Friday.

Meanwhile, some of the animated characters will be voiced by Larry King and wife Shawn, Dennis Christen, Joey Fatone and Ted Lange; while stars who will be voicing the other characters are to be announced later.

Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys
Video Credit: Paralightfilms/YouTube

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