Parents Complain about The Smurfs’ Village Application from Apple iTunes Store

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NEW YORK –  There were reports that some parents are complaining about the free download games in the apples iTune store called The Smurfs’ Village. Parents apparently complain about the unforeseen expenses on their credit card due to purchases of virtual items of the game such as Smurfberries, Wheel Borrow etc.

“Really, my biggest concern was scratching the screen. Never in my wildest dreams did I think they would be charging things on it,” the 36-year-old mother said

Some commentators even called it a scam.

The Smurfs’ Village uses “ in-app purchases “. It allows developers use the iTunes billing system to sell items and add-ons in their games and applications.

Reports say that there are six games that are free to download but allow in-app purchases in the app store, “Tap Zoo” and “Bakery Story,” have buttons for in-app purchases of $100 in just two taps.

Capcom Entertainment Inc., the publisher of “The Smurfs’ Village,” had responded by adding a warning about the option of in-app purchases to the game’s description in the App Store, and it’s updating the game to include warnings inside it as well.

Usually, the purchases require the owner of the device to enter his or her password. But there is no password challenge if the owner has entered the password in the last 15 minutes for any reason.

TeamLava LLC, the publisher of “Bakery Story” and “Farm Story,” says the games follow all of Apple’s rules and restrictions. In either game, it’s possible to buy $99.99 worth of “gems” in one go.

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