Paraplegics Can Now Walk with These Remarkable eLEGS

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Man is a two-legged homo-sapien, and is meant to be; so when we are confined to our chairs permanently as a paraplegic, it indicates the end of lots of opportunities for us. Some may even consider it the end of their existence.

Paraplegics are persons who have severe spinal cord injury that they are unable to move their body from the waist downwards. There is a permanent lower body paralysis that confines a person to his wheelchair.

Berkeley Bionics however, considered this a challenge and has come up with a dynamic way to solve the permanent disability of paraplegics and similar conditions. On October 7, 2010, they presented an outstanding contribution to science, the bionic legs called eLEGS. These can carry a man’s weight and more. Watch this amazing video to learn more.

Paraplegics and those with similar conditions can now go out into the world and be ambulatory once again.

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