Paramedic punished for giving a blanket to an elderly man in Detroit fire

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Jeff Gaglio, a Detroit paramedic, was punished for helping an elderly disabled man who was a victim of fire around two weeks ago. He talked to local media about his sad experience after being kind to others, saying that he was punished because he gave away the blanket without asking permission from his department.

Jeff Gaglio paramedic

Paramedic Jeff Gaglio, being interviewed
by Fox 2 reporter Charlie LeDuff

Image Credit: Fox 2 video

According to My Fox Detroit on Thursday, October 11, 2012, the paramedic was punished after he gave a blanket to an old man, who was brought outside from their house wearing only his underwear, when the fire broke out. The blanket was donated their department and intended to be given to those who need them.

“Yesterday I got notified that I’ll be brought up on EMS departmental charges. I’m being punished for giving a man a blanket.” Jeff Gaglio was quoted telling to Fox 2 reporter Charlie LeDuff, noting that the blanket he gave away was among those given to the city as donation from Firefighter Support Services.

“I’m being punished. I’m being punished for giving a man a blanket, something that would seem like a common, every day courtesy. Something that any man or woman would do in the City of Detroit, give a freezing man a blanket. I’m being punished for it.” Gaglio added.

Later, the Fox reporter was able to talk EMS chief Jerald James, whom Gaglio said the superior who made the punishment to him. Mr. James acknowledged the claim of the paramedic punished for giving the blanket away, emphasizing that Gaglio broke the rules since he did not ask permission when he gave it.

“We can’t have an employee who feels that they have a right to give away state property, be it donated, be it a blanket; be it a tire off a vehicle, without getting prior approval from somebody or notifying the proper authority. This is what he did.” James told LeDuff via phone interview.

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