Paperman: Disney’s Oscar-nominated black-and-white love story short animated movie goes viral (Full Video)

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Disney Animation released its black-and-white love story short movie titled ‘Paperman‘ on Tuesday, January 29, 2013, as shown in the YouTube video below. Interestingly, this Disney animated short film has been shown in theaters in November of last year, accompanying the release of its 3D animated movie, Wreck-It Ralph.

Paperman Disney Animation

A scene from Disney Animation’s Paperman
Image Credit: Disney Animation video

From the title itself, Disney‘s Paperman, which was directed by John Kahrs, is a story of a man who used airplanes made of paper to catch the attention of a woman, but faces challenges as his chance to talk to her went slimmer as time goes by. Nevertheless, it has no dialogue, which makes it more interesting to watch.

At the start of the video, an office guy carrying a folder with sheets of paper can be seen standing on an elevated train platform. Shortly after, a flying paper hit his right arm which was brought about by the strong wind from the passing train. And as it flew away, a young woman appeared rushing to get it, and succeeded.

Later, the same thing happened to the man. This time, his paper hit the face of the woman and had a mark of the red lipstick from her, which was the only one featured in colored in the 6-minute romantic movie. But as the man giggles upon seeing the red mark, the woman rode on the train. She turned her head to him, and they shared a smile.

Apparently, that magical moment became unforgettable for him until he reached his office. But while he was staring on the paper with the red lipstick mark, his boss came from nowhere and placed a huge file of paper on top of it. However, the strong wind from the open window almost caused it to fly outside.

But it seems that it was his fate to see the woman again. This time, she was inside an office at a building across the street. In his desperation to catch her attention, he folded a piece of paper into an airplane and threw it outside. Unfortunately, he ran out of paper and even the lipstick-marked paper did not reach her.

So when he saw the woman leaving the office, he wasted no time and left his office and tried to follow her. This is when the bunch of paper planes he created helped him in his journey. And yes, I should stop here, and it’s for you to see how Paperman was able to find the woman of his life again.

By the way, this heart-warming Disney movie Paperman, which now has over 9.2 million views at YouTube, is nominated for the Best Animated Short Film in the upcoming Oscars 2013 (85th Academy Awards), to be held on Sunday, February 24, 2013. Judging from the video, it has a huge possibility to win.

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Disney’s Paperman full animated short film
Video Credit: DisneyAnimation/YouTube

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