Paper Plane Vulture 1 Launched Into Space Captures Earth’s Amazing Images

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According to international news, a British team space enthusiasts Steve Daniels, John Oates and Lester Haines is celebrating the successful launch of a paper plane into space which captures Earth‘s amazing images.

They made the aeroplane out of paper straws and covered it with paper. They attached the paper plane – which has a 3ft-wingspan and a camera to a helium balloon and released it into the air from a remote area 50 miles west of Madrid, Spain on October 28 as reported in BBC website.

The helium balloon soared 23 miles above ground taking dozens of photos before it glides back to earth.

According to reports, the men came up with the idea a year ago and after months of planning, they started the project named Operation PARIS (Paper Aircraft Released Into Space). They named the paper plane Vulture 1. However, this is not the first time that someone send a camera into space through a weather balloon to capture some images. A father and son duo from NY once did it and have also captured some images of the Earth.

Here are some amazing photos from Flickr uploaded by Register PARIS user. You can also watch some videos during the launch of the paper plane Vulture 1 on their YouTube account.

Paper Plane Captured Image

Paper Plane Captured Photo

Paper Plane Captured Photo

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