Papal toilet paper Renova supports Pope Benedict XVI for 2011 World Youth Day celebration in Madrid

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Renova, being dubbed as the papal toilet paper, recently announced its support in welcoming Pope Benedict XVI for the 2011 World Youth Day (WYD) celebration.

Papal toilet paper Renova
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As noted by, Spanish toilet paper Renova brand is an official WYP supporter and will play a big part during the 2011 World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain from August 16-21, 2011.

Renova wants to be present on this year´s most important event in Madrid, where more than one million youths are expected to gather for the World Youth Day (WYD) around Pope Benedict XVI.” Renova said on its official website.

“Is there any better way to liven up the streets than using these large streamers with the Vatican’s colour-scheme? Open your windows to celebrate! Welcome Pope Benedict!” Renova added.

According to Renova, the papal toilet paper comes in 2-roll special pack (white and yellow), 140 sheets; 3-ply perfumed base sheets and in a ‘termomolded’ luxury packaging; and was tested under dermatological control

Reports say that Renova will give a number of free papal toilet papers during the said event but the company said they can also be bought via their official website.

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