Pakistani star Yasir Hameed blows lid off cricket corruption

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Pakistani star Yasir Hameed blows lid off cricket corruption

Pakistani star Yasir Hameed blows lid off cricket corruption

A pakistani cricket player had exposed anomaly that is present in his team, he exposed the bribe system that is present in his team. Here are some of the insights he have shared that really rock the cricket world, He relay the stories on how they do the following :

  • REFUSED bribes of up to £150,000 from a corrupt bookmaker to throw matches.
  • LOST his own place in the squad and saw his career damaged as a result.
  • WATCHED as crooked colleagues splashed out on plush properties and expensive sports cars funded by their illicit activities.
  • LEARNED that shameless players pocketed an astonishing £1.8million for rigging a Test match against Australia earlier this year.

Here are some of his revelation :

They were doing it (fixing) in almost every match. God knows what they were up to. Scotland Yard was after them for ages.

“It makes me angry because I’m playing my best and they are trying to lose.”

And, predicting the likely fate of the players exposed by the News of the World, Hameed added darkly: “The guys that have got done have got themselves killed.

“They’re gone – forget about them.”

“It’s because of all these wrong things that I was outed, because I wouldn’t get involved,” he told our undercover reporter.

“If you sat here and said, ‘I’m a bookie and I want you to fix the match tomorrow’ – I’ve met lots of people like that in the past and I refused. They offered me handsome money.

“I could have come to see you in a Ferrari. They give you so much money that you can live out your dreams, buy a flash car.

“I’ve been offered huge amounts of money, up to £150,000.”

“I wouldn’t get involved. That’s why I was out of the team for two years – two years! Now God has punished them. I played in the (Lord’s) match. Even though I flopped, these guys have been caught out.

“Just look at my average. It’s 38, 39 (runs scored per innings). Which player in the world has that average and is dropped?

“If I was playing for any other country, what would I be now? I’d be the team captain.”

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