Pakistan Prime Minister Intensely Discards Allegations of Complicity and Incompetence

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Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani
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As reported by various news sites, Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani said, “Allegations of complicity or incompetence are absurd”.  This statement was reportedly heard in Pakistan’s parliament through the Monday speech over the allegations that Pakistan government had incompetently failed to pursue the world’s most wanted terrorist, Bin Laden.

Based on related reports, Gilani further says, “We emphatically reject such accusations. Speculative narratives in the public domain are meant to create despondency. We will not allow our detractors to succeed in offloading their own shortcomings and errors of omission and commission in a blame game that stigmatizes Pakistan.”

Gilani also reportedly said that Pakistan “attaches high importance” to its relations with the United States. But added in his fiery speech, “Unilateralism runs the inherent risk of serious consequences.”

According to same reports, Gilani constantly assailed U.S. violation of Pakistani “sovereignty” in executing the action without Pakistan‘s awareness of the operation.

Reports also mentioned that the prime minister intensely believes that Pakistan deserves praise over its prompt response to the unexpected arrival of U.S. forces in that nighttime operation.

As per similar reports, he further expressed the following statements: “The air force was ordered to scramble,” he said. “Ground units arrived at the scene quickly. Our response demonstrates that our armed forces reacted, as was expected of them.” Still, he added, “there is no denying the U.S. technological ability to evade our radars.”

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