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Pacquiao vs Bradley result reactions: Timothy Bradley wins over Manny Pacquiao but most observers disagree

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Updated: June 12, 2012 1:00 a.m.

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Timothy Bradley won over Manny Pacquiao on Saturday June 9, 2012 (Sunday, June 10 Manila time), held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena via split decision, but most of the observers disagree and were not convinced with the result.

Timothy Bradley, celebrating after he won
over Manny Pacquiao (June 9, 2012)

Image Credit: Chris Carlson/AP

As featured live at HBO PPV, Manny Pacquiao lost from Timothy Bradley after 12 rounds of boxing and Bradley is now the World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champion, with Pacquiao notably winning the first 8 rounds via unofficial results.

After the 12th and final round, it was announced that judge Jerry Roth scored it 115-113 for Manny Pacquiao, while judges C.J. Ross and Duane Ford each scored it 115-113 for Timothy Bradley, and some observers immediately reacted.

According to the New York Daily News which covered the fight live, they thought Pacquiao had won and scored it 116-112 in his favor, and that Bradley did not appear to be capable to win against him, noting that he even was surprised when he heard that he won.

Manny didn’t do anything the last five rounds, but I thought he did enough early on to win the fight.” Boxing commentator Gordon Marino wrote on his commentary at Wall Street Journal, who covered the match live.

“Huge upset! Bradley just turned the boxing scene upside down. It was a closely contested fight. But I had Manny slightly ahead — in fact, Harold Lederman had Pacquiao winning almost every round.” Marino added.

On Twitter, tons of disappointed boxing fans tweeted used the hashtag #RIPboxing and #MannyPacquiaoIsStillTheWorldsBestBoxer that went trending right after the fight, with well-known trainer and commentator Teddy Atlas even tweeted that “boxing is a corrupt sport.”

Among the noted international celebrities who were upset when Pacquiao lost and used their Twitter accounts to voiced out their reactions include Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Chris Daughtry, Khloe Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Sanchez, and American television host Mario Lopez, who covered the fight.

“I’m so disgusted. The judges need to be drug tested! What fight were they watching?! I called the international broadcast and was on the apron and Pacquiao simply outclassed him. Wasn’t even close in my eyes. Unbelievable. So disappointed in my sport.” Mario Lopez (@MarioLopezExtra) tweeted.

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