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Pacquiao Investigation: NSAC To Review The Tapes Separately With Each Judge

By on Jun 12, 2012 in Boxing, Sports, United States Comments

Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) Executive Director Keith Kizer is planning to review the recent Pacquiao-Bradley fight separately with each of the three judges, reported on Monday, June 11, 2012.

Keith Kizer

Keith Kizer
Credit: Full Contact Fighter

According to the report, Kizer said that the review will be done because “there was so much controversy, and because there was so much disagreement with the decision.”

“I’ve talked with all three judges after the bout, as well as today. We’re going to review the tape of the bout because there was so much controversy, and because there was so much disagreement with the decision. Even with bouts with less controversy, judges like to review the tape anyway,” Kizer was quoted as saying.

“I want them to review it with me for my own edification. So I’m going to have them come in individually and we will watch it. I expect these judges will show that they used correct scoring criteria and can verbalize their decision-making, as they have be able to do in the past,” he added.

Kizer said that he wanted to examine the criteria used by the judges in scoring the fight.

“What I’m interested in seeing is where the rounds were close, and why one judge went this way and the other two went the other way. What was the difference in A) how close it was in their minds, and B) what was the difference in that round that they gave that round to Pacquiao or they gave that round to Bradley. So again, what your looking for is A) a good explanation and B) very similar if not the exact same criteria that the judges are applying to what they see and what they hear,” Kizer reportedly said.

The review will be done sometime this month, depending on the availability of the tape and of the judges’ schedule, the report said.

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