Overly Attached Girlfriend ‘Call Me Maybe’ parody with scary lyrics, after ‘Girlfriend’ cover (Video)

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The so-called Overly Attached Girlfriend made her own cover of ‘Call Me Maybe‘ but changed it with some scary but funny lyrics, as shown in the video below, more than a week after her Justin Bieber‘s ‘Boyfriend‘ parody video became an Internet hit.

Overly Attached Girlfriend, singing ‘Call Me Maybe’
Image Credit: wzr0713/YouTube video

Overly Attached Girlfriend, or Laina, as she calls herself on her official Twitter and Facebook accounts, released her second YouTube video on Monday, June 18, 2012 titled ‘CRJ Fanvideo‘ and made her own version of Carly Rae Jensen‘s ‘Call Me Maybe‘, but with her own lyrics.

“New video’s up… Definitely not as good but oh well. Time for work” Laina (@laina622) tweeted that day, who already has over 6,100 Twitter followers and more than 14,000 Facebook followers despite both accounts were created only three days ago.

“I’ve learned you like pretty well that you’re down-to-earth I can tell, you say I don’t ring a bell. I love the way you play, I know you who I am, I saw you in your webcam.” Laina sings, who replaced the entire lyrics of the ‘Call Me Maybe‘, with her own set of lyrics.

“All your other friends, they call me crazy. They just don’t get us. We’re special, baby,” Laina sang at the latter part; while her eyes all wide and looks insane, with the video now has nearly 1.45 million views only after only almost a day it was uploaded.

Back in June 6, Laina released her first YouTube video titled ‘JB Fanvideo‘, also shown below, which now has more than 6 million views, which was said to be her response to Justin Bieber‘s competition for his female fans to submit ‘girlfriend’ versions of his hit single Boyfriend.

Overly Attached Girlfriend covers ‘Call Me Maybe’
Video Credit: wzr0713/YouTube

Overly Attached Girlfriend covers Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’
Video Credit: wzr0713/YouTube

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