Osama bin Laden dead photo circulated is ‘fake’

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A supposed Osama bin Laden dead photo is now being circulated online and shown in some TV news, but many believed that it is fake.

Osama bin Laden 1998 photo
Image Credit: Reuters/MSNBC

According to MSNBC on Monday, the photo showing Osama bin Laden’s bloody face is now being shared online and in some TV networks but no US and Pakistani officials have confirmed that it is real.

Apparently, some US officials even told reports that the public is being warned not to believe the photo as it is a fake and could have been photoshopped.

The White House has not yet released the photo of Osama bin Laden after he was shot in the head and died, and a US official told CNN that Bin Laden’s face is “barely recognizable” when he died.

As the report noted, the supposed Osama bin Laden dead photo suggests that it was a 1998 photo of the al-Qaeda founder and the ‘wounds in the face’ were fabricated.

“The mouth, beard and nose indicate to us that the image circulating on the Web and some foreign television outlets is nothing but a clumsy fake.” Stokes Young wrote on the MSNBC report.

On Sunday night, US President Barack Obama announced that Osama bin Laden was killed by US troops in a mansion at Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Later, reports said that Bin Laden’s body was buried in the sea, in accordance to the Islam tradition, as some world leaders have released their reactions.

Note: The supposed Osama bin Laden dead photo was not included here due to being graphic and disturbing.

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