Oroumieh Lake Northwest Of Tehran Facing A Crisis As It Turns Into Salt

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Oroumieh Lake
A dead bird in Oroumieh Lake
Image Credit: AP Photo/Vahid Salemi

Oroumieh Lake (Lake Urmia, Orumieh Lake), the world’s third largest salt water lake is facing a crisis after 60% of the lake turns into salt.

As reported on May 27, 2011, businesses operating in the area has been affected by the drying up of the lake.

It was said that Oroumieh Lake is famous to migratory birds and also popular to tourists. However, tourists who find walking in the salty bed tiresome just to get to the boats have started to stay away.

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Kamal Saadat was quoted saying from several news sites that “the visitors were not enjoying such a boring trip, noting they had to cross hundreds of meters of salty lakebed just to reach the boat from the wharf.”

According to reports, Oroumieh Lake is now two meters deep at its deepest, but Masoud Pezeshkian, a lawmaker and representative for city of Tabriz in the eastern part of the lake said that “local officials or the government are not doing any steps to solve the problem.”

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